These cranes work best on projects with lower load capacity requirements, they are usually used in housing construction. Thank to their dimensions, the cranes are very economical and convenient to transport. They are quick and easy to assemble and have the ability to interchange the tower and jib sections between all models in this series thank to their modular structure.

The series includes two groups of cranes - "L" with load capacity up to 2,5 t and "NS" with load capacity up to 5 t. The most common and also the largest model in this series in our machine park is the J52NS with a maximum load capacity of 5 t and a range jib up to 52 m.


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Models Reach Maximum load Tip load
J36MAC 35 m 2000 kg 1000 kg
J4010 40 m 2500 kg 1000 kg
J4510 45 m 2500 kg 1000 kg
J5010 50 m 2500 kg 1000 kg
J5510 55 m 2500 kg 1000 kg
J37NS 37 m 4000 kg 1000 kg