Luffing cranes are the excellent solution for construction sites located in the limited spaces of city centres and in case of possible collisions with other high objects. These cranes are ideal for high-rise building projects where the highest crane performance is required. Cranes of this type are also used in places where the applicable regulations impose limits regarding possibility of the crane to go beyond the outline of the construction site.

As in the case of Top Line “H” series - these cranes are most often used in the becoming increasingly popular PPVC technology - Prefabrication Prefinished Volumetric Construction, which consists in creating objects using large ready-made modules installed as ready-made segments of buildings where cranes with a maximum load capacity of more than 20 tons and often more than 50 tons are required.

Tower sections are identical to the sections of the Top Line cranes, which allows to freely switch them between different models and use the same jacking cage for all cranes from these series.


Żuraw z serii Luffing
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Models Reach Maximum load Tip load
J80PA 40 m 5000 kg 1300 kg
J138PA.A 45 m 8000 kg 2250 kg
J180PA.A 50 m 12000 kg 3000 kg
J208PA 60 m 18000 kg 1700 kg
J265PA 60 m 18000 kg 2200 kg
J280PA.2R 60 m 18000 kg 3200 kg
J280PA24.2R 60 m 24000 kg 3000 kg
J380PA 65 m 36000 kg 3500 kg
J438PA.2R 65 m 32000 kg 3400 kg
J780PA 70 m 75000 kg 5700 kg
J780PA.64 70 m 64000 kg 6200 kg