This series includes medium and heavy load capacity cranes dedicated for the works performed in the toughest environments. Top Line cranes are equipped with high-powered, high-speed mechanisms and advanced electrical and safety systems. This series is easy to assemble and dismantling and wide range of freestanding configurations.

Top Line series is divided into 3 groups:



Maximum load 16 t

Reach 75 m


żuraw typu T

T series consits of the most versatile cranes. This series has been constantly adapted to the changing needs of the market and is able to carry out practically all the tasks and challenges set for hammerhead tower cranes.

They are the most numerous cranes in our machine park and, at the same time, the most common cranes on construction sites.


Żuraw z wysięgnikiem typu T 4
Żuraw z wysięgnikiem typu T 3
Żuraw z wysięgnikiem typu T 2
Żuraw z wysięgnikiem typu T




Models Reach Maximum load Tip load
J85 55 m 6000 kg 1400 kg
J115.8 60 m 8000 kg 1300 kg
J118.8 60 m 8000 kg 1300 kg
J145.A 60 m 8000 kg 2000 kg
J160.10 65 m 10000 kg 1700 kg
J185 65 m 10000 kg 2000 kg
J190N.10.A 60 m 10000 kg 2750 kg
J210.A 60 m 10000 kg 3000 kg
J260N.A 70 m 12000 kg 2700 kg
J300N.A 75 m 12000 kg 2700 kg
J300N.16.A 75 m 16000 kg 2400 kg
J300N.2R.A 75 m 12000 kg 2500 kg






Maximum load 10 t

Reach 65 m


żuraw typu T

BOX cranes is a group of cranes with applied solution to locate all the mechanisms in one place in kind of a box (hence the name). This solution makes the assembly and possible reconfiguration of the crane a lot easier. The use of very short jib ties allows to obtain lower crane profile, similar to the "flat top" cranes.


Żuraw z wysięgnikiem typu Box 3
Żuraw z wysięgnikiem typu Box 2
Żuraw z wysięgnikiem typu Box 1
Żuraw z wysięgnikiem typu Box



Models Reach Maximum load Tip load
J120.10 60 m 10000 kg 1600 kg
J150.10 65 m 10000 kg 1600 kg
J150.8.2R 65 m 8000 kg 1400 kg






Maximum load 64 t

Reach 85 m


żuraw typu H

Cranes with heavy load capacities, high productivity, a wide range of freestanding heights and impressive jib lengths. The main feature that distinguishes the H series is a very low tower head, thanks to which we obtain greater possibilities of using the cranes at construction sites where the cooperation of many cranes is required and in other cases where there are special demands regarding the total height of the crane, such as the proximity to the airports. Thanks to high load capacities, these cranes are successfully used in the PPVC technology - Prefabrication Prefinished Volumetric Construction, consisting in building objects using large prefabricated modules inserted as ready-made building segments. In case of this technology, it becomes necessary to use cranes with maximum load capacities of over 20 t and often even over 50 t.


Żuraw z wysięgnikiem typu H 2
Żuraw z wysięgnikiem typu H 1
Żuraw z wysięgnikiem typu H
Żuraw z wysięgnikiem typu T 1



Models Reach Maximum load Tip load
J360 60 m 18000 kg 4000 kg
J360.24 55 m 24000 kg 5000 kg
J365 60 m 24000 kg 4400 kg
J420 85 m 24000 kg 2500 kg
J560 85 m 24000 kg 2500 kg
J600.24.A 80 m 24000 kg 5100 kg
J700 80 m 24000 kg 5500 kg
J800.48 80 m 48000 kg 5100 kg
J1400 80 m 64000 kg 10500 kg