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Layster-Group is the exclusive distributor of the AMCS equipment on the Polish market.

Our offer includes:

  • DCS 60 anti-collision systems
  • DCS 61-S anti-collision systems
  • anti-collision systems for mobile cranes
  • systems for monitoring of the operation of anti-collision systems on construction sites which record and visualize the job site on a single screen in real time
  • warning lamps
  • anemometers
  • lifting cameras monitoring the movement of the load
  • IoT supervision systems

Anti-collision systems allow to increase work safety on construction sites where more than one crane works and the cranes have common work zones.

The job of such system is to prevent collisions of moving parts of one crane with the parts of another crane.


The anti-collision system consists of a number of elements assembled on the crane, ensuring cooperation with the crane's limiters and mutual communication between them: a radio module ensuring communication between the cranes, as well as software which is “supervising” the proper operation permormed by the crane and cooperation between the cranes.

In the case of only one crane, the system can be assembled without a radio communication module and work as a work zone limitation system. This allows to eliminate the movement of the load to potentially dangerous places, such as power lines, passageways, zones where people are present, etc.


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